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Cost of Study in Canada

Ease your financial expenses with our budget guide. Studying abroad can be an expensive affair, but thankfully, Canada is one country where quality education is available at tuition rates lower than many other countries. But before you depart from India, ensure that you consider expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travel along with your […]

Study levels in Canada

Since the education system in Canada is managed by the provincial governments, the study levels and educational stages may lie in different clusters with different names. Here’s a synopsis: Qualification Duration Description Certificates and Diploma ۱ to 2 years Vocational and job oriented programs, mainly technical Associate degree ۲ years Equivalent to first two years […]

Health in Canada

What are the health and support services available in Canada? Here’s a lowdown on the support services available for you! It can be a little challenging to cope with the changes in your environment when you move to Canada for the first time. With a new set of customs and norms, acclimatizing into the culture […]

Study in Canada

Eligibility, application requirements checklist, fees, the processing time Eligibility criteria You need to apply for a Canadian study permit before entering the country. To be able to apply for this permit, you should have been accepted by a designated learning institute (DLI). You can check your institute’s name in the designated learning institutions list offered […]

Self-Employed Immigration

Canada Self-Employed Immigration The government of Canada, as well as the government of the province of Quebec, provide immigration programs for individuals who are self-employed in certain industries. Federal Self-Employed Persons Program To qualify for business immigration to Canada under the Self-Employed Persons Program, an applicant must demonstrate that he or she has relevant agricultural, […]

business -Visas

Canada Business/Investor Immigration If you are a business person or manager looking to immigrate to Canada, the Business/Investor Immigration Programs may be an important fast-track Canadian immigration option for you. Business immigration seeks to attract individuals with business and/or managerial experience who will contribute to the development of the Canadian economy. If you’re looking to […]

Family Sponsorship

Spousal And Common-law Partner Sponsorship The objective of the Family Class of immigration is to reunite close family members in Canada. The Family Class allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their dependent children, parents and grandparents, and spouse or common-law/conjugal partner. Canada strongly supports keeping families together whenever possible. As such, the processing of […]

Immigration Visa

What is a Canada Visa? A Canada visa is a stamp on your passport which allows you to enter the country of Canada. It is a permission for you to travel to the country and legally be able to stay either temporarily or permanently. Getting a visa to Canada means that the Canadian Consulate or […]

Visitor Visas

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Student visas

What are the student visa requirements for Canada? Applying for a Canadian student visa? The Canadian Government provides an opportunity to all nationality students to study in the country but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). What is a study permit? This is not a […]